29 December 2005

Build Your Own iMouse FM Transmitter. Plans Included!

Raymond, who built the iMouse from our last post, was kind enough to send us the plans including a schematic. We had quite a few readers interested in how to build one so here's your chance. Give it a try and be sure to send us pics and stories of your attempts.

Raymond's plans (of which the image above is the schematic) follow:

Build your own iMouse


T3 ...............................2N2219a
C3 ...............................1 μF/16 V
C4,C5 .........................1 nF ker.
C6 trimmer capacitor...4-40 pF
C7 ...............................10 pF ker.
R5 Trimmer.................10 kΩ
R6 .............................. 10 kΩ
R7 ...............................2,7 kΩ
R8................................1 kΩ

Spool L1:
Use a 10 cm long Silver wire.
The diameter inside the spool should be 3 mm.
7 winds total
Length of the spool should be 15 mm (f-g)
The antenna is connected to the spool at 3mm from f

a: + 9volt
b: ground
c: audio in
Ground your audio input to b
For the antenna you can use a copper wire (70 cm)
With R5 you can adjust the input signal and with C6 you can tune your frequency.

[flickr photo page]

07 December 2005

iMouse shuffle FM transmitter

Shufflehacking knows no boundries. Maybe we need a frapper page, eh?

Raymond wrote in:


I build my own radio-transmitter for my Shuffle, I nicknamed it "iMouse".
It works quite easy, there is a power switch on the bottom to turn it on.
Just press play on the Shuffle and tune your radio to the right frequency.
The range is about 100 to 150 meters.(500 feet)
Now I can enjoy my Shuffle on my car stereo.

Greetings from the Netherlands,

[flickr photo set]

18 November 2005

Big Red (Canadian) shuffle Wrapper

"c" dropped us this flickr photo set showing his Canadian Big Red gum wrapper mod.

I know you have a couple of gum wrapper cases already, but I'm hoping I'm
bringing something new to the mix. I desperately wish we had those Juicy
Fruit box wrappers in Canada, but ours are waxed, which makes them super at
being water resistant. He also has some previous attempts up also here.


16 November 2005

Use a Sony Camcorder Cable with the iPod video

This is one of my own hacks and although it's not for the shuffle I couldn't stand to not share if with you loyal readers. I just got a iPod video and wanted to hook it up to the TV. I didn't have the "Official" ipod video cable but I did have the one from my Sony Digital 8 camcorder. I tried to hook it up but it didn't work. I then pulled the plug out a bit and got a scrambled video signal. I then switched the cables around to see if one of the others had the video signal. Success. It turns out with my particular Sony video cable that while plugged into the iPod the RED cable gave me the video signal and the Yellow and White gave me the sound. Hurray for the hacker spirit! It's always nice to save money when you can. (That Xbox 360's not getting any cheaper.)


[link to flickr photo page]

Aluminum shuffle Case from Cardholder

Giles sent in his wicked aluminum shuffle case mod. He wrote:

It was constructed useing a business-card holder and the packing material used in tool cases (which acts *very* nicely to hold my shuffle - named Sadako - in place, it must be said). The case is aluminium, and the hole for the earphone jack was very easy to drill neatly. I'm very happy with how this one turned out. There's no burrs present on either side of the hole at all.

Due to the small size of the case, theres no real room to store the earphones when not in use, but this is no real trouble. It's very nice to see the "oohs" and "aahs" it gets when I pull it out of my pocket, and the catch makes a very secure/reassuring "click" when it closes. These are payoff enough for the loss of storage space.

The only other thing of note to mention was that I made a mistake when constructing it, and drilled the hole and cut the foam such that I actually created a "left-handed" tin accidentally. Of course, it makes no real difference, and its posed no problem, but it just took me by surprise when I realised. Maybe a little more planning would have been useful ;o)

Bravo Giles. I truly worthy shufflehack.

[link to flickr photo set]

07 November 2005

Shuffle EQ possible?

Hacktastic reader Trent wrote in:

Not really a hack, but I have discovered that the Samsung flash chips inside
the ipod are EQ enabled, but there is no way to access that from the
shuffle's firmware.

Some hack to access the usable EQ module within the shuffle would be awesome

Go brainiacs!

30 July 2005

iPod Shuffle Band-Aid

iPod Shuffle Band-Aid
Originally uploaded by 0401.

How-To: iPod Shuffle Band-Aid

I was bored today and figured I'd throw my Shuffle into a Band-Aid case. It all makes senes. Thought you might be intersted.


You’re probably asking why the Band-Aid case? Well Shuffle listeners are usually pretty active. With this case, you don’t need to worry about finding a Band-Aid for times when you spazz out on the street while dancing or trip over weights while gawking at that hottie at the gym.


28 June 2005

Apple quietly cuts 1GB iPod shuffle price

via iPodLounge:
In addition to its bigger announcements of iTunes 4.9 and its new color screen iPod lineup, Apple today quietly dropped the price of the iPod shuffle 1GB to $129, from $149.

The price cut is seen as a move to boost sales and distance the device away from the lower-end iPod mini model. It is widely believed that the 1GB iPod shuffle model was not a big seller due to its close pricing to that of the $199 4GB iPod mini, despite lacking several of the mini’s features.


26 June 2005

shufflehacks DIY Marketplace Now Open

original image by Peter Kaminski

While I was going over my blogger template for shufflehacks I was rearranging my google ads, my TechRestore ads, and my Apple & iTunes ads and I realized that what we really needed was a spot for fellow shufflehackers to be able to advertise their own DIY shuffle products. I decided to dedicate some space right at the top of shufflehacks specifically for this need. I am calling it "shufflehacks DIY Marketplace" but all it really is is a space for people's links who are making a go of selling things they make on their own for the iPod shuffle. This isn't like some sort of "pay-for-links/ads" thing. The links there are free to those who I feel deserve the extra publicity. If you feel like your DIY iPod shuffle product fits this category please use the submission links provided in the Marketplace. The other advantage I see to these over something like Google AdSense is that these will 'fly under' the radar of those ad-blockers I know you all are smart enough to use. (I use PithHelmet for Safari and NetNewsWire Lite myself.)

So get to it and let's build a nice economical ecosystem for those brave enough to put out a DIY shuffle products.


24 June 2005

Full-Length, Full-Res Movie Running off an iPod shuffle

A sharp-eyed reader tipped me off to this post by Wiley Wiggins on Video Thing (he played in Waking Life). He, I mean "his friend" apparently encoded a full-res, full-length DVD to the Quicktime 7 H.264 format and them copied and ran the 800 MB file straight off the shuffle over USB [2?]. Don't get too excited yet since it took 9 hours to encode but hey you can always "Set it and forget it". (And only one person needs to do this "these days" right?) He likened it to the feeling he got at the time he first started encoding CDs to MP3 for their smaller file size. He claims it is FULL-RES. Looks like H.264 might be a butt-kicker. (Now I sit and wait for the "shuffle with a screen" comments.) [via]

16 June 2005

[DIY] eyePod shuffle

wmacphail posted this image to flickr:
I love the design of the iPod Shuffle. That said, it's a bit of a pain moving the slider on the back into position. It needs some kind of grip, or raised surface. I explained this problem to my wife, who came up with a brilliant solution, on view above. It's so great to have an inventive spouse with a bag of doll eyes.

[via podthis]

[HAK] iPod Shuffle + Cassette Adapter: Take 3

Hackinator Ian sent in a link to some pics and 'structs on his iPod shuffle + Cassette Adapter project. He writes:
it didn't come out quite as nice, but its also not quite done.
I need to mess with it some more to see how much farther down in the tape I can get it without it rubbing against the posts in the tape deck, ya know? I already killed one of the tape players on my stereo (luckily it has two) by putting too much pressure on it and keeping it from rotating while it was playing.

More after the jump. Link (.mac)

Related shufflehacks links:
Help Wanted: Hacking a Tape Adapter to Hold an iPod shuffle
UPDATE: ShuffleDeck becomes ShuffleMount: Tape Adapter + iPod shuffle Mount

[FUN] shuffleband...who says the 80's are dead!

Faithful reader Dorian Jones brings us the latest in shufflewear.
I just came across your blog and it has inspired me to put together my own shufflehack. It seems to me that more support is needed when undertaking vigourous exercise wearing the ipod shuffle so i have integrated it with a classic piece of exercise-wear. As well as being totally sensible and funtional I think it also looks wicked. What do you think?

Flickr photo page

[IMG] "First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes..."

pinkbelt posted a quaint fotonovella featuring Papa 1st Gen, Momma mini and baby shuffle. Gotta love the "shuffle" tag on flickr.

Check out the photos.

Also join the shufflehacks flickr group and add your own hacktastic pics.

09 June 2005

[$$$] New 512MB iPod shuffles from TechRestore for $84.99

image by hot_tea

I love TechRestore and I just got their email newsletter and thougth I'd pass this deal along to all my shufflehackers out there looking to score a second or third shuffle for hacking purposes.

Limited time!! iPod Shuffle - 512MB Normally $89.99, take $5 off when you use coupon code "PIGS" with your order.

[via TechRestore]

01 June 2005

[HAK] Star Trek "Shufflecraft" from XMas Ornament

Shufflecraft an Enterprise
Originally uploaded by Tuesdays With Maury.

tuesdays-with-maury wrote:
Shufflecraft an Enterprise. I received an Apple Shuffle a couple of days ago as a gift. Inspired by Jim Younkin of shufflehacks.blogspot.com , I came up with this shufflecraft. I used a 1992 Hallmark Shuttlecraft Galileo Christmas Ornament. You can find them for less than $10.00 on eBay.

25 May 2005

[HAK] YAPS (Yet Another Pair of Shufflephones)

Originally uploaded by jblanton.

A quick link to another pair of shufflephones which showed up on flickr.

[DIY] Altoids Battery Pack for iPod shuffle

Altoids Battery Pack
Originally uploaded by Champuru.

I thought this looked like a mix of our Altoids shuffle case and the DIY shuffle charger. See flickr for more photos and info

[HAK] Shufflephones 4.0?

Originally uploaded by sivadselim.

Picked this up off flickr. Looks like we have a pint-sized hackster in the making here. More on flickr.

24 May 2005

[$$$] Review: shuffletatus

[click for larger image in a new window]

Fred at Tatuz International (formerly shuffletatu.com) sent me over some samples of their shuffleTatu’s for review. I took a week or so to try them out and wanted to give our readers my impressions of their product.

I was excited by the selection of different looks that were included in the package. There were 5 solid iPod mini-esque colors including pink, purple, light blue, grey, and my favorite, mint green. Others included graphics of cow spots (very Gateway-like) and the Canadian, UK, Italian, and Irish flags. I personally liked the solid colors over the graphic Tatus. I might like to see some sort of do-it-yourself printer kit so people could print their own designs perhaps with a clear layer to apply once it’s printed. On the down side I could see what seemed like tiny air pockets under the outer shiny layer of the stickers. I think this came from the adhesive used to attach the outermost layer. It wasn’t terribly noticeable but I noticed it.

At $2.49 – $2.99 a pop and with $2.75 for ground shipping I think their prices are too high. The shipping on the package with free sapmples I received (which included 10 shuffletatus) was $0.49 via USPS First Class. From years of experience doing eBay I know when people are getting charged too much for shipping. What price would I be willing to pay? I would pay $15.00 for 10 tatus if they included free shipping. Also selling them individually doesn’t seem as attractive as selling packs. Half the fun I had with the samples was switching them out for others according to my mood.

I was surprised at how closely the stickers fit the iPod shuffle. The outside dimensions were exactly the same as the shuffle. I did notice however that no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t get the circle cut out for the controls to line up. One side of the controls always seemed bumped up. I figure that the hole cut for the controls was a bit too small. It is a little complaint but it made it so the sticker never sat exactly flat.

How do these feel? They do have a clear shiny outer layer that mimics the finish of the iPod shuffle. I noticed they had a slightly “mushy” feel to them. I think this was due to the thickness of the stickers.

Ease of Use:
I wish the packaging had at least a few instructions on how to apply them. I suppose they assume people can figure it out. I had to reapply them a couple of times to get just the exact fit.

I was hopeful that due to the “Post-It” like adhesive that these might be able to be applied, removed, and reapplied. I was able to successfully reapply my mint green sticker. I think with careful care you can reapply these a few times. It has to be noted that although the front and cap of the shuffle will be protected from scratches the sides and back are uncovered meaning that they can still get scratched.

I really like the removable Post-It-like adhesive. It makes applying (and reapplying) the Tatus easy. I liked how the shuffle looked different from others shuffles.

Overpriced. Circle opening for controls a bit too small.

Would I recommend buying them? I would say if you are looking for an easy way to differentiate your shuffle from others this is a good (if expensive) way.

All in all I give shuffletatus a 3 out of 5.

To find out more visit shuffletatu.com

UPDATE: Fred wrote in to comment on their shipping costs:

I would like to comment on pricing.
In ref to pricing on shipping the products.We charge $2.75 and that covers the package envelop, Delivery Confirmation and bubbled wrapped product to make sure the customers get the product in excellent shape and time. That does add up. It is not like place them in envelop and mail @ 49.00. Your package went the normal way due our policy toward sending samples out. With no cost to the receiver.

UPDATE 2: I gave one of the samples to a fellow shuffler and he let me know that the sticker for the non-lanyard (AKA regular) cap didn't fit right. He ended up trimming the lanyard sticker to fit the regular cap. I have not verified this but i'll check into it.

18 May 2005

[HAK] XBOX Controller iPod shuffle Charger

Not content to sit by and watch the Playstation 2 get all the shuffle love Hoodman sent us deets on how he hacked an iPod shuffle charger into his XBOX controller. I've put his pics and instructions into a flicker photoset. For those too lazy to make the jump here are the basics: find a female USB connector, crack open the controller, solder some stuff, add some hot glue, and charge!

[link via shufflehacks on flickr]

[DIY] Make an iPod shuffle clip for 8 cents.

Matt Parker sent in a link to his page on how to make a shuffle clip for 8 cents.
I thought someone might me interested in my hack to make a clip for the iPod Shuffle. It could not be any simpler and it only costs $.79 for enough material to make 10. I only spent about 20 minutes fabricating it, why spend $20.

To build it I cut the lanyard from the supplied cap. Then I went Home Depot and bought 1 foot of white chain that is used for hanging lights from the ceiling. Then, on one link, I cut a piece from each side of the joint to make the opening big enough to fit around the cap. After this, it was just a matter using a rag to protect the finish while tightening the chain link into the holes. It looks pretty good, in my opinion. I noticed the white finish started to peel at the bends but it's not too bad.
It is still compatible with any case that supports the lanyard cap. Now I can use a carabiner, any other type of clip or my own lanyard, just like this image.

On the next version I plan to add some kind of swivel or a ring so that I can rotate the carabiner.

Can't wait until these show up on eBay for $5. 6200% profit sounds good!
[link via mattparker]

17 May 2005

[REQ] Possible to Run Linux off an iPod Shuffle?

Photo by Dawn Endico

CJ Forbes sent in this reader request:

I had the idea of running linux from an iPod shuffle. I did a quick google seach (run linux on an iPod shuffle) but nothing came up. I then thought I'd find the answer at shufflehacks but nothing. I was wondering if you knew of any site where I could make this possible. I do not want to run linux on the iPod shuffle but from it. That means I can plug the shuffle in and I can have linux boot up from the shuffle. I am not looking for somthing like ipodlinux.org.

Anyone got any ideas? If so please post them in the comments. Off hand I think there are a few Linux distros built specifically for USB jump drives. Perhaps one of these could work. Comments anyone?

[DIY] Hand Crank Powered iPod shuffle Charger

Reader Craig brought this nifty hand powered charger hack to out attention. It is by one of our favorite blogger/hackers Phillip Torrone over at Make. Phillip writes:

Okay, this is what my friends call a "Torronesque" project. This is where I usually come up with something and build it, and it really has no purpose or usefulness- but on further inspection it's kinda neat. This is the iPod shuffle hand charger, actually recharger. There are many "crank powered" accessories floating around, so I thought I'd try a few and figure out if the iPod shuffle can be recharged with one. Well, it can, sorta. Here it is in action! I am still working out the best voltage regulator and wiring, as I figure it out, I'll post the details, I don't what to screw up everyone's shuffles. What I'd really like to do is add little power generating motors to more things. Imagine getting a little power charge everytime you press a key or open your or phone laptop, maybe it wouldn't matter that much, but multiply that by a billion people and perhaps it would...

[link via Make]

09 May 2005

[BUZ] New Flickr Group for Shufflehacks

I've started a Flickr group for shufflehacks. For those of you who use Flickr and especially Flickr's Organizer I've created a shufflehacks group to allow you to easily share your shufflehacks. Please feel free to join the group and add hacks to the photo pool.

[HAK] Clear iPod shuffle hack

Reader Lau sent in photos of his hack involving stripping down the shuffle to it's guts and sticking them into a shuffle waterproof case. The result is simple and effective.

03 May 2005

[DIY] Duct Tape shuffle Case (that doesn't suck)

John Spain from Tallahassee Florida procrastinated studying for his finals long enough to come up with this fine iPod shuffle case made out of duct tape. Personally I'm a sucker for anything made out of duct tape. He goes through quite a few versions. I like to see someone who is always trying to make something better. Check out all the sticky details here as well as see, as he puts it, "a crapload of pictures".

29 April 2005

[YUM] iPod shuffle SPAM Rosemary Canape

iPod shuffle SPAM rosemary canape

Found this over on finkbuild which is a blog I'm definitely gonna keep my eye on. They write:

Mike Davidson is giving away iPods via his ” Mike Industries iPod-A-Month Creativity Competition”.

This month’s challenge is to render an iPod Shuffle in food, and when I think of food, two things immediately come to mind: SPAM, and Jello. I have prepared a two course entry that starts you off with a SPAM and rosemary appetizer, followed by a pallette cleansing marshmallow-mint gelatin-cream dessert iPod. Wish me luck!

I would love to see more of this type of creativity. We had a cake and now spam.

22 April 2005

[WIN] Shufflehacks Photoshop Contest: Win a 1 Year Flickr Pro Account

shufflehacks photoshop contest

Announcing the "iPod shuffle and the Hacks of Tomorrow!" photoshop contest. Win a free 1 year flickr pro account.

Shufflehacks is proud to announce our first ever contest. What we want from you, our dear little hacksters, is what you might call a "virtual hack". We want you to photoshop the most extreme, craziest, weirdest, coolest, most unexpected, over-the-top, sweetest shufflehacks you can dream up. Dust off your thinking caps and run around in make-believe land for a while. After creating your masterpieces send them into us by April 30, 2005 and we will pick a winner. The winner gets their image on shuffle hacks and all entries will go into a flickr set for all to enjoy.

Mrs. Shufflehack and I will be judging mostly on creativity and freshesh. Photoshop skills are a plus but imagination counts much more.

What's in it for you you might ask? The winner will receive a free 1 year Pro account on flickr (a 24.95 value). What's flickr? In case you've been hiding under a rock for the last year or so flickr happens to be shufflehacks favorite photo service and what we use for many of our images on the blog.

-Entries must be 800 x 600 pixels or smaller in dimension. All entries must be in .jpg or .gif format.
-Email all entries to younkin3@yahoo.com with the subject line "flickr photoshop contest". One image per email although you may enter as many times as your wish.
-Include at least your name and email address in the email if you want to be considered for the prize. You may include other information such as home town etc. if you'd like.
-Include a title for the hack and any explanation you would like.
-Please keep your entries appropriate for all audiences as shufflehacks is a family friendly blog. All inappropriate entries will disqualify the submitter and entitle them to a big 'ol serving of bad karma.
-All entries must be submitted by 11:59PM (PST) April 30, 2005. Late entries will not be considered for the prize.
-The entries will be judged and winners announced the week following the close of the contest.
-Unless specifically requested otherwise by the submitter all entries will be posted on flickr with a share alike, non-commercial, attribution Creative Commons license.

21 April 2005

[HAK] UPDATE: ShuffleDeck becomes ShuffleMount: Tape Adapter + iPod shuffle Mount


You may remember our previous post about the the Tape adapter + iPod shuffle idea. Looks like he's at it again.

Roland writes in:

Here is an update on the ShuffleDeck. It seems that it cannot be done because the tape adapter contains gears inside. Apparently, both the wheels have to turn or else the tape player will reject the device. The gears take up too much room, so it seems that the Shuffle will be unable to fit. But I have not yet abandoned the idea of using a tape deck, so now we have the ShuffleMount !

As you can see from the video [direct .mpg video link], this device uses the tape deck for play through and holding the iPod. Now playing the Shuffle through your car is a simple snap in. No cords to mess with, or radio stations to adjust. Just snap it in!

This is quite a slick hack! This is why I love this blog! The creativity of our hackster readers never ceases to amaze me. Great job Roland! This seems like something that would make a great product. It also looks simple enough for our readers to create.

Any plans for making a few of these and selling them Roland? Maybe I just need to start up a company to help shufflehacksters sell their wares. We could create our own cottage industry. I know I have my shufflephones idea I would like to realize as a real product someday. Just an idea.

I've added a flickr set with stills from Roland's video if you can't get the video to work or just like pictures better.

19 April 2005

[DIY] Baking Soda Can iPod shuffle Dock


Nuno Henriques writes in:

I just want to tell you about my DIY iPod Shuffle dock i've made. It's
a Royal Baking Soda hack and it's probably the first portuguese iPod
dock ever! ;) ;) ;) And it's fully functional and very on-a-budget !

You can check it at ipodportugal or a bigger picture

Keep up the good work!

P.S. - your blog rocks! It was thank to him that I managed to start my
own iPod blog :D

We're flattered that we've caused another iPod blog to come into existence! Give his blog a view and thanks again for the hack Nuno! Now we need a "How-To" guide!

Also see: clay dock.

18 April 2005

[REQ] Help Wanted: Hacking a Tape Adapter to Hold an iPod shuffle

Shuffle tape deck concept

Reader Roland Saekow sent in this request:

Love the site. I've got a hack for you. I'm a bit pressed for time, but basically I need the community to help out on this one. I was looking at the tape deck in my car the other day and the shuffle. The way to get them connected of course is to use a tape deck converter. But then I tried something: could the iPod fit in the tape deck? So it would merely be a sense of snapping the iPod shuffle into an adapter and then slipping it into the deck?

Yes! Here [direct .mp4 download link] is the video showing a proof of concept. It fits and won't get rejected by the machine. So I need some people to go buy some tape deck converters and make it happen. Myself, I have ordered two from allelectronics.com for $5 a piece. But if others wanted to start on it, all they need is a soldering iron to melt away part of the tape and a little wire splicing! I'll contact you again when the working one is done!

I think this is an awesome idea. I can't wait to see the updates. One problem I foresee is that unless we take the audio from the USB plug, (which I haven't figured out how to do) there isn't room for a headphone plug in the current concept. Perhaps the shuffle could be placed diagonal to accommodate the plug. I'm sure you hacksters can figure it out. (I'm retarded. If I had actually looked at the picture I would have seen it is already in the right position.)

Please post (and read) comments about this and send in your attempts

UPDATE: Here's an updated concept image to chew on:

14 April 2005

[DIY] iPod shuffle Gum Case Hack 2 - Juicyfruit Edition


Tobias from Sweden sent us a link to his sweet (pun intended) Juicyfruit iPod shuffle case. I think this one is very well constructed.

Tobias says "No need for the holes to control my shuffle, I can operate it anyway. It just messes up the design."

He some very nicely taken (ahem, all your photos should look this good people!) photos on this page. Keep up the sweet mods Tobias. We can't wait to see more.

[YUM] iPod shuffle cake!


Gizmodo posts: "Danny Sohayda’s wife had baked nearly the perfect cake, but at the last moment realized she didn’t have enough icing to draw a screen."

[via gizmodo]

[DIY] iPod shuffle "Cozy" from Gum Packaging


A member of our iPod_shuffle Yahoo! group sent in a link to these instructions on how to build an iPod case from gum packaging they found in a post on craftster. In addition to making yout shuffle a bit incognito I suppose you get the added advantage of having your shuffle smell like bubble gum (mmmm), or mint, or (insert your favorite gum here).

Reminds me of our post on shuffle decals that simulate gum packages.

The person who sent in the link stated that they didn't want to call it a "cozy" because it made them think of kleenex holders and stuff that your grandma undoubtedly has. Personally I am waiting for someone to make a proper iPod shuffle cozy out of yarn and using the needles and such.. what is that called? Knitting? I'm not sure. If you can whip one up please send me a link!

11 April 2005

[HAK] Use Your iPod shuffle without Using iTunes


TUAW posted: "You’ll have to have a fairly recent installation of Python running on OS X for it to work, but if you have wished that you could simply drag your MP3s over to your iPod shuffle without having to launch iTunes, then iPod shuffle Database Builder is for you. An added benefit of using this tool is that it enables you to use the iPod shuffle on as many computers as you like without having to pair it again and again to a new iTunes Music Library. Even better, the program is only 8k and will work on any OS with Python installed, so there’s no reason not to put a copy on the iPod shuffle itself."

[via Engadget]

10 April 2005

[HAK] Shufflephone 3.0 - The Integrated Version


This daring individual took my Shufflephones ideas to the next level! Here we have a pair of headphones with the iPod shuffle integrated into them. They give a detailed account of the construction here. Still don't have their name so if you're out there intrepid hacker please send me your name so you can get your hacker cred!

[link: larissa.nestyra.com]

[related posts: shufflephones 1.0 shufflephoens 2.0]

09 April 2005

[DIY] iPod Stand From iPod shuffle Packaging

iPod stands built out of iPod packaging have been floating around the internets for awhile. At last we have our own version. Carson sent in link to a template for building your own iPod shuffle stand using the iPod shuffle packaging. Download original pdf. I also created a gif version if .pdf is not your bag.

[link Lists and Diagrams]

Update: It's an iPod stand, not an iPod shuffle stand. Looks like we still need our own version.

[DIY] Bouncy iPod shuffle Clippy Thingie

ipod Shuffle

Reader Alec Gouldin sent in his quick and dirty version of a DIY shuffle clip utilizing one of his daughter's hair rubberbands and a name badge clip. Total cost about ¢20.

[link The Jumpcut]

06 April 2005

[MAK] Hack Challenge: Create a shuffle hack using a ziplock bag

[Photo: Ziplock by danna]

After a comment made in the iPod_shuffle yahoo group I thought I'd challenge our shufflehacks readers to create a shufflehack utilizing a ziplock bag. Get your creative juices flowing the send us your ziplockbag hacks! I'll choose my favorite and post it up here.

03 April 2005

[BUZ] iPod shuffle best sounding mp3 player of all time?

[photo by jimyounkin]

Bill Machrone wrote a fantastic article over on pcmag that claims that the iPod shuffle is not only the best sounding iPod but also the best sounding audio player out there! He does some pretty convincing audio testing to prove his point. Also be sure to check out his companion article which pours over all the nitty-gritty test details. I have to say I was a little surprised. I knew the shuffle was inexpensive and very portable but the best sounding? Bonus! This should make our loseless guy pretty happy!

[link: pcmag]

01 April 2005

[FUN] The iTunes phone revealed at last!

MobileMusicBlog has exclusive pictures of Motorola's iTunes phone. April 1st sure is a busy day for fews.

[BUZ] New iPod shuffles will come in 3 colors + FM tuner

I can't really say where I got this. Let's just say that the U2 edition iPod isn't the only black and red iPod anymore. Also look out for FM tuner and voice recording features in future iPod shuffles.

[DIY] Shuffle Case from Shuffle Packaging

While working on another shuffle hack I came to the realization that I could create a perfectly good case for the iPod shuffle on my own. The ingredients: the iPod shuffle packaging, a few pieces of tape, and a bit of imagination. The result: Shuffle Case from Shuffle Packaging. The link goes to a step by step breakdown on how to do it yourself.

I was talking to a friend who had seen shufflehacks and he called me out for not having any shufflehacks on at the moment. I then showed that yes indeed I did have a hack on. I had the SCFSP. He didn't say anything right then but I have a feeling he was pretty impressed. He couldn't even tell the case was there because the thing is practically invisible.

This one's a gem. It protects almost better then any other case I've seen. You can use the front buttons right through the plastic so they are protected. This is a project that almost any shuffle owner can do since they have all the materials they need right under their noses. (That is if they haven't thrown their packaging away, but who throws Apple packaging away anyway? I know I don't. It's just to nice too toss. I have a closet full of beautiful Apple packaging I can't bear to see thrown away. The iPod shuffle packaging is not exception.)

31 March 2005

[HAK] Altoids Chewing Gum shuffle case

Andrew Whitlock send in this Altoids hack after noting that we didn't have a single Altoids hack on shufflehacks yet. Thanks for setting us straight and nice hack Andrew.