01 June 2005

[HAK] Star Trek "Shufflecraft" from XMas Ornament

Shufflecraft an Enterprise
Originally uploaded by Tuesdays With Maury.

tuesdays-with-maury wrote:
Shufflecraft an Enterprise. I received an Apple Shuffle a couple of days ago as a gift. Inspired by Jim Younkin of shufflehacks.blogspot.com , I came up with this shufflecraft. I used a 1992 Hallmark Shuttlecraft Galileo Christmas Ornament. You can find them for less than $10.00 on eBay.


Maury E. said...

I thought of leaving the speaker in and running an 1/8th inch to the shuffle, but the shuffle would not fit correctly. If I can find a small speaker with a low profile, I will do just that and have a stand alone player. I will them load some tunes of Shatner as he speak/sings covers.

xcraznmike said...

This is a very nifty idea I will suggest though you sand down the sides for a smoother look and simply a suggestion you should make that a speaker dock rather than just a place to rest your shuffle.