07 December 2006

make (re)discovers shufflephones


Make threw up a post on the phenomenon of shufflephones. They call out 2nd gen shuffles which in my opinion are much easier to turn into shufflephones but the more shufflephones the merrier!

Every time Apple releases a tiny music player, someone makes their own DIY headphone project with the iPod built in, here's the latest one with the shuffle II from Adam... [via] - Link.
If you look at the links at the bottom you'll see a link to my shufflephones 1.0! Ahh memories.. how long has it been?!

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04 December 2006

iPod ShuffleBud USB adapter for 2nd gen iPod shuffle

TUAW brings word of this little USB adapter for the 2nd gen shuffles.

For many people, the appeal of the original iPod shuffle was that ithad the form and function of a plain old USB thumbdrive, aside frombeing an awesome MP3 player. The 2nd generation iPod shuffle is an evenmore awesome MP3 player, and has an even better form factor, but lostit's ability to function as a USB thumbdrive without having to use thenew dock.

The ShuffleBud, by Incipio(which we think rhymes with C3PO), solves that problem, and it does itfor only $5.99 USD. The ShuffleBud is what Apple should have justtossed in the box to begin with, although I am starting to think thatApple deliberately omits certain features in order to keep themulti-billion dollar iPod accessory market thriving, which isn't such abad thing.

ShuffleBud is just a small (5.6 grams, 47mm X 16mm)USB to 3.5mm adapter that enables you to plug your 2G shuffle directlyinto an available USB port without having to use the iPod shuffle dock,making it much more convenient to shove in your pocket or clip to yourbag with the included lanyard loop for those who are always on the goand don't need more gear in their bag.
Seems like a nifty little thingie for those of you who have moved into the 2nd gen.

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