31 March 2005

[HAK] Altoids Chewing Gum shuffle case

Andrew Whitlock send in this Altoids hack after noting that we didn't have a single Altoids hack on shufflehacks yet. Thanks for setting us straight and nice hack Andrew.

30 March 2005

[HAK] Make an iPod shuffle cap strap, (and other tips).

Christopher Breen serves up some shuffle hacking fun as well as some good shuffle pointers on playlistmag.com. He details how he hacked his iPod shuffle cap to include a camera lens cap holder. Sad that is is black because it really ruins the aesthetic simplicity of the shuffle. It's still hecka cool! One thing I love about this site is how the hacks I see are almost like popcorn in the brain in the amount of other cool hacks they help me think up.

[FUN] 40GB iPod shuffle hack

This is close to my request for an iPod shuffle inside an iPod. This hack on mBlog shows that there are lot's of regular iPod users that clearly have "shuffle envy".

29 March 2005

[REQ] Lossless possible on the iPod shuffle?

[image: Wow...old! by Fant]

Shufflehacks reader Brian inquired:
I have a request, if you want to post it on your blog? To see if anyone can hack the Shuffle to play Lossless. Best audio codec + Best sounding ipod + Smallest carry = Shuffle.

To which I replied:
How many songs would the shuffle hold then? How big are lossless files? With only 512MB or 1GB i wonder how many you could hold?

To which he replied:
Figure 20-ish songs for the 512 and 40-ish for the 1. Lossless is big, but the best audio quality. It's a sacrifice I'm willing to make.

Then I it hit me... why should I worry about the "reason" someone want to do a particular hack? Hacks are often done simply because they can be!

So the challenge is on to figure out how to play Apple Lossless on the iPod shuffle for poor Brian. If you have any information about this please post it in the comments for this entry.

[BUZ] Shufflehacks gets some international love!

[photo by p.a.b.]

Thanks to all those who are linking to us across the globe!
a few examples.





[DIY] Shuffle dock from modeling clay

Markus Dahlberg sent us this quick hack: USB-cord + modelling clay = shuffle dock. I can't wait to see what he comes up with for version 2.0. Hopefully not something as scary as podbuddies!

28 March 2005

[DIY] Build your own 9v on-the-go shuffle charger

i-hacked serves up this tutorial on how to build your own portable charge for the shuffle. Parts will set you back about $12.00 - $15.00 depending on what you use.

[ART] Huge shuffle art archive online. Uploads encouraged!

This shuffle art of with the little Katamari prince pushing the shuffle click wheel came from the Shuffle Art Archive (S.A.A.) which I was very delighted to stumble across early this morning. The site appears to be based in Japan however site uses multiple languages which is really cool. The S.A.A. has tons of images created specifically for printing and sticking on your iPod Shuffle. There is also an uploader that allows you to upload your own shuffle art for others to see and use. They also provide a template to aid in your shuffle art creation. There are sections for cases, illustrations, patterns, and much much more. Needless to say I was a bit humbled at all the work people have put into creating these images for the shuffle. Spend a few mintues on the site and you'll see what I mean. It makes this blog look like chopped liver. I think we should definitely contribute!

Below are a few examples that really caught my eye.

27 March 2005

[REQ] Wanted: A shuffle belt buckle

Reader request: "not so much of a hack, but i am waiting for someone to make a belt buckle that lets the shuffle clip in."

So the challenge is on for you all you hasksters. Complete this hack, send it in and make someone happy!

[DIY] Hide a shuffle in a magazine

Jaron Kenny hacked a shuffle into a big-ole fat EGM magazine to allow for some incognito work/school shuffling. Although I'm not quite sure of the practical usefulness of this hack I'm not one talk. I half-seriously considered hacking a Nintendo DS into a Bible to play in church. Check out his write up which includes pics and instructions. Perhaps he'll grace us with a version 2.0. How 'bout it Jaron?

26 March 2005

[DIY] FM Transmitter for your iPod shuffle?

The folks over at TUAW are reporting that there is a DIY FM transmitter kit available. The MP3 Hi-Fi Stereo FM Transmitter. It says the circuit can be powered with any standard 9V DC / 50mA adapter. I wonder if a 9v battery would work. Any electrical geniuses out there know? The price is $39.95 with shipping of $7.45. There is also a Soldering Kit which includes a power supply for $34.20. Those prices seem a bit out of my price range to add it to my Shufflephones 2.0 The range is 100 feet which might explain the power consumption since it seems the iTrip would draw a whole lot less from the remote jack. I can see some definite hack potential here.

[via TUAW]

UPDATE: A faithful reader added: A 9v battery would work fine as it would easily be able to provide the current needed. Also, any regulated 9V mains adapter would power it fine.

[HAK] Ghetto iPod shuffle Dock

Aaron Stovall was kind enough to send along this little ditty. Getting tired of having to reach around his G4 to plug in his shuffle (yes, we lead hard lives!) Aaron did what any self-respecting shufflehacks reader would do and hacked an Apple keyboard extension cable to work with the shuffle. Have your needle-nose pliers ready for after the jump. A penny saved from not having to buy a USB extension it a penny earned to spend on more Tendercrisp Bacon Cheddar Ranch sandwiches!

[USE] Shuffle as Gran Turismo picture saver-thingie.

GT4 Shuffle
Originally uploaded by i.embrace.

I'm sure you're all aware of this but if not this cleaver flickr user found out you could plug the shuffle (with option turned on in iTunes to allow it to be used as a USB drive) into the Playstation 2 to take save pictures you take in Gran Turismo 4. I have done this and it appears the PS2 also charges the shuffle. If you play a lot of PS2 than plugging in the shuffle will make it into possibly the worlds most expensive AC adapter.

[HAK] Altoids case for shuffle + earbuds

After seeing an article suggesting using an Altoids tin as a shuffle case one of our readers, Jake, figured out a way to use part of the original shuffle packaging to help keep the shuffle a little safer while transporting. It looks like it even has space for the instruction card! His page has a nice write up with pictures. Thanks Jake for the submission and all you shufflehackers out there submit your hacks!

25 March 2005

[WIN] Metacritic giving away 2 free shuffles on 4 April 05

One of my favorite sites Metacritic is having a contest to win one of two (wow, really splurging aren't they!) free shuffles which will include the album "Open Season" by the band British Sea Power (nope i've never heard of them either). Might as well enter.. the form isn't too hard. (Especially if you have autofill set up in Safari)

[$$$] Decalgirl thows down some..well.. shuffle decals

For those of our readers who want a nice easy (if not free) way to make your shuffle stand out Decalgirl is selling decals for the shuffle. Some of them even allow you to customize them. They run $2.99 for one decal. Custom decals are $5.99. Shipping is $4.45. I like the Fashion, Juicy Tunes Custom, and the Urban Angel.

[DIY] How to Make a Cardboard Case for your iPod Shuffle

C.K. Sample III was kind enough to send along a link to his.... how did Mugatu in Zoolander put it?... DeralĂ­ct cardboard shuffle case. I think it's DIY-tastic.

[HAK] Frisky mint shuffle case.

Some great minty shuffle hacking by bootykika (It's pronounced (boo' tee kik ah). It means "KICK ASS"). Reminds me a bit of another strange meeting of mints and technology.

[HAK] iSmoke shuffle: Life is Low Tar

This ish cracks me up. Great for all those times when you need a smoke while swimming! Fine job Matt Round!

[$$$] PodShirt (AKA a shirt with a magnet on it)

PodShirt is selling these shirts with magnet thingies to hold the shuffle onto the shirt. I'm still not sure what to think of the shirt itself (I think it's kind of ugly). The magnet attachment thingie on the other hand is pretty cool. They say you can remove the magnet to wash it. I'm guessing you could use it on any other cloth-like thing.They say it's "patent pending" which is cool and all. After I saw their first "limited edition" shirt (which I thought had a bit better design) I experimented a bit and almost got mine to stick to my shirt with magnets. Of course I was using the magnets I ripped off some magnetic clips I bought from the dollar store but when hacking you use what you got. I need some stronger magnets to make it work perhaps some magnets like the kind I used to rip out of old speakers I would tear apart. Those things were cool! Remember when you'd put them by the TV and make is permenantly green on one corner? Those were the days. So anyways. I think they've figured out a cool attachment mechanism that I expect all you shufflehackers out there to start using! The shirts (which aren't limited edition so too bad for all you 1337 fashion types) will set you back $28.99 (ouch).

[RIP] Nice shuffle dissection (not for the squimish)

harald@chipmunk.nl has a nice write up on his site with some nice pictures of a shuffle autopsy including a microscope picture of the mystery UBS contacts on the bottom of page 2. Thanks Harald for doing what most of us don't have the balls to.

[$$$] FM shuffle transmitter from Xtrememac

It was only a matter of time before one of these showed up. XtremeMac (the X makes it Xtra Xtreme, sorta like the X-Games, oh so 90's-ish) is taking what looks like pre-orders for this but at $49 I'm not sure it's the best price. Especially when an iTrip can be had for as little as $30. I'd maybe pay $20 at the most. I am exicted about the hackability of something like this though. One very interesing part is that this plugs into the USB port of the shuffle and gets it's sound from those extra pins on the shuffle. I'll give a hundred doll-hairs to the reader who send me info on how to this works. If any shufflehacks readers gets one of these be sure to send us a review! I'm issuing a challenge to all shufflehack readers to figure out a way to us an iTrip with a shuffle.

UPDATE: I actually RTFA and the thing uses a car cigarette lighter adapter for power *lame*. Not as cool as I thought at first.

[DIY] Mint case shuffle holder

Naomi's Overcoat: Open
Originally uploaded by WhereMyArm.

I picked this little gem up off Flickr. There are more photos of the process on their Flickr photostream.

[HAK] Phillip Torrone's Oakley mp3 sunglasses

my own oakley mp3 sunglasses
Originally uploaded by pt.

This is an oldie but goodie. Hack-master Phillip Torrone threw these together. He even made a 2.0 version. I'll let you find it for yourself!

[FUN] PodPhones v1.0

PodPhones (Front)
Originally uploaded by Sparkes.

I suppose this isn't "technically" a shuffle hack but I thought I'd throw the Podphones v1.0 up here anyway since the author Sparkes was nice enough to send me a message about my Shufflephones 2.0 hack. It's an awesome thing to know you inspire such greatness!

[DIY] Shuffling hat

When my first shufflephones hack got put up on gizmodo there was and update to the post that pointed to the shuffling hat by Ryan Smallegan, I think its rather clever. Reminds me of a slightly less incognito set up similar to the shuffling hat I put up on flickr a few months back.

[WIN] Free iPod shuffle (No... not one of those schemes!!)

Looking for a few extra shuffles to hack? Apple is having a contest in which they are giving away one iPod shuffle every week from now until Sep 30, 2005. You have to be a college student to enter and they try to get you to sign up for mailings but you don't have to. If your a college student definitely enter.

[HAK] My Shufflephones 2.0 shuffle INSIDE headphones plus MORE!

This hack got linked up on slashdot which was pretty exciting. Version 2.0 uses a pair of Sony headphones and includes an expansion jack. The site gives a detailed write up of how I did it. I love these even more than my precious 1.0's. Progress marches on. I am in the process of thinking up ways to perhaps make a product out of this. If anyone knows about this type of stuff please get ahold of me at younkin3@yahoo.com.

[HAK] My Shufflephones 1.0 - shuffle INSIDE headphones

I thought I should Add my own shufflehacks to the site. This is my first attempt at adding a shuffle inside headphones. The headphones were old skool and I like how they turned out. I couldn't stop there though...I went on to make 2.0.

[DIY] Shuffle clip from sax reed guard

Patrick Crutchley threw together this nifty shuffle hack to create your own shuffle clip out of a saxiphone reed holder and a little dab of superglue. Pretty spiffy! And conrats Partick (I mean "Positronic Artificial Technician Responsible for Infiltration and Ceaseless Killing") on being the first shuffle hack on my this new blog! Keep 'em coming!