25 November 2006

shuffalert: woot.com selling 1st gen shuffle alarmclock $19.99 today only.

I know thses sales only last one day but I picked a couple of these up today as it seemed like a good use for a first gen shuffle that may soon be put out to pasture when our new hotness second gen shuffles get here from Santa.

Get one (or three) while the getting is good and maybe we'll see some hacks out of these one day.

iHome iH18W Portable Travel Alarm Clock for iPod Shuffle

PS, Woot.com rulezorz!

PPS, If you are reading this more than a day after it was posted the sale is over. <tear> Maybe woot will relist them someday.

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08 November 2006

How-to hack your own iPod shuffle USB adapter

Engadget has the hook up on some crazy germans who have hacked their own headphone to USB charging adapter.

Read (Engadget)

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07 November 2006

iPod Shuffle Gen 2 (New One) Travel Case

iPod Shuffle Gen 2 (New One) Travel Case

betoldi over at Instructables give the lowdown on an easy (if you own them) case for the 2G (G as in Gen nor GB which had me way confused for a good few days. I was like "when did they release 2GB shuffles?" lol) shuffle out of the case for Apple's in-ear headphones. He also notes that the Apple in-ear headphones aren't very good so don't go buying them just for this case.

link instructables.com

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06 November 2006

2nd Gen iPod shuffle Phones v2.0 (Quick and Dirty Edition)

That was fast. Just yesterday we brought you 2nd Gen iPod shuffle Phones and today we're up to version 2.0 which was sent in by reader Douglass Scott. He made an adjustment to alow the shuffle to fit on larger headphones but I'll let him talk.
Saw Alexander Micek's 2G shuffle hack and thought I would try my own. The shuffle won't clip directly onto my Sony noise canceling headphones (MDR-NC50), so I needed to create a bracket to do the job. The end product works okay; the iPod is a little loose on the bracket, but it's good enough for long flights. This was a quick and dirty job, but my local hardware store has some thin stainless steel bands that might clean this hack up. Enjoy, DS

Great job Douglass and I'm anxious for your next hack!

link (flickr)

05 November 2006

2nd Gen iPod shuffle Phones

2nd Gen Shufflephones
Alexander Micek decided to create his own version of the shufflephones using a 2nd generation shuffle.

I used my trusty Sennheiser HD 212 Pros, which as you may have noticed from the specs, have an unusually long cord. 10 feet, to be precise. I had to wrap ten feet of cord (should I say it again?) to make this work … ideally, I’ll be able to source a shorter y-cable. That said, the “startlingly bassy” HD212’s silver color matches the iPod’s anodized aluminum quite well, and the clip holds the iPod on with reasonable security. This wouldn’t be good for exercise, but it’s quite usable for studying and similar activities.

link (tumbledry.org)