01 April 2005

[DIY] Shuffle Case from Shuffle Packaging

While working on another shuffle hack I came to the realization that I could create a perfectly good case for the iPod shuffle on my own. The ingredients: the iPod shuffle packaging, a few pieces of tape, and a bit of imagination. The result: Shuffle Case from Shuffle Packaging. The link goes to a step by step breakdown on how to do it yourself.

I was talking to a friend who had seen shufflehacks and he called me out for not having any shufflehacks on at the moment. I then showed that yes indeed I did have a hack on. I had the SCFSP. He didn't say anything right then but I have a feeling he was pretty impressed. He couldn't even tell the case was there because the thing is practically invisible.

This one's a gem. It protects almost better then any other case I've seen. You can use the front buttons right through the plastic so they are protected. This is a project that almost any shuffle owner can do since they have all the materials they need right under their noses. (That is if they haven't thrown their packaging away, but who throws Apple packaging away anyway? I know I don't. It's just to nice too toss. I have a closet full of beautiful Apple packaging I can't bear to see thrown away. The iPod shuffle packaging is not exception.)


Michael May said...

wow, this is great! thanks so much for this. I did it in just over half an hour, and with a bit of trouble around the headphone jack, it is working perfectly now! cheers muchly.

PS, hint on the headphone jack hole: start off with the drill bit, then follow up with rotating one scissor blade in the hole, then both. works a treat :D

Anonymous said...

i cut up my fiance's shuffle( her early bday present) i thought i was marking where i needed to cut out the hole for the power switch and i was infact marking the back of the shuffle with a X-acto... yeah well it was a long day that ended up being way tooooo long

Simon said...

hey, thanx for this hack -- it's useful and easy to do. i did not have a transparent tape so i had to use a silver duct tape :). it looks even more like a "hack" this way... oh well.
do you happen to know how long this think can last? i guess i'll need to replace the tape in some time.
Happy hacking!