14 April 2005

[DIY] iPod shuffle Gum Case Hack 2 - Juicyfruit Edition


Tobias from Sweden sent us a link to his sweet (pun intended) Juicyfruit iPod shuffle case. I think this one is very well constructed.

Tobias says "No need for the holes to control my shuffle, I can operate it anyway. It just messes up the design."

He some very nicely taken (ahem, all your photos should look this good people!) photos on this page. Keep up the sweet mods Tobias. We can't wait to see more.


fredrik said...

Nice work my friend

Anonymous said...
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JP said...

Juicyfruit must be a different size in Sweden. Definitely can't do this with north american Juicyfruit packs.

Anonymous said...

notice sweden's juicyfruit comes in a box. ours (america) is cheap foil boo hoo. it's way cute, tho tobias :P

Anonymous said...

It's not a real package, I have made it in illustrator with correct measurements.

a "how to do" is coming up soon I hope.

Thanks for the comments


Jarod said...

what kind of illustrator did you use to make your cover

Anonymous said...

please send me the illustrator file - i'd love to make one of these thanks

my email is sunshinespace@mac.com


Anonymous said...

yeah, i'd love the file u used, i have a skin, but the juicy fruit thing is a nice change and it'd be cool to fake uot my friends with an offer of a piece of gum