28 June 2005

Apple quietly cuts 1GB iPod shuffle price

via iPodLounge:
In addition to its bigger announcements of iTunes 4.9 and its new color screen iPod lineup, Apple today quietly dropped the price of the iPod shuffle 1GB to $129, from $149.

The price cut is seen as a move to boost sales and distance the device away from the lower-end iPod mini model. It is widely believed that the 1GB iPod shuffle model was not a big seller due to its close pricing to that of the $199 4GB iPod mini, despite lacking several of the mini’s features.


26 June 2005

shufflehacks DIY Marketplace Now Open

original image by Peter Kaminski

While I was going over my blogger template for shufflehacks I was rearranging my google ads, my TechRestore ads, and my Apple & iTunes ads and I realized that what we really needed was a spot for fellow shufflehackers to be able to advertise their own DIY shuffle products. I decided to dedicate some space right at the top of shufflehacks specifically for this need. I am calling it "shufflehacks DIY Marketplace" but all it really is is a space for people's links who are making a go of selling things they make on their own for the iPod shuffle. This isn't like some sort of "pay-for-links/ads" thing. The links there are free to those who I feel deserve the extra publicity. If you feel like your DIY iPod shuffle product fits this category please use the submission links provided in the Marketplace. The other advantage I see to these over something like Google AdSense is that these will 'fly under' the radar of those ad-blockers I know you all are smart enough to use. (I use PithHelmet for Safari and NetNewsWire Lite myself.)

So get to it and let's build a nice economical ecosystem for those brave enough to put out a DIY shuffle products.


24 June 2005

Full-Length, Full-Res Movie Running off an iPod shuffle

A sharp-eyed reader tipped me off to this post by Wiley Wiggins on Video Thing (he played in Waking Life). He, I mean "his friend" apparently encoded a full-res, full-length DVD to the Quicktime 7 H.264 format and them copied and ran the 800 MB file straight off the shuffle over USB [2?]. Don't get too excited yet since it took 9 hours to encode but hey you can always "Set it and forget it". (And only one person needs to do this "these days" right?) He likened it to the feeling he got at the time he first started encoding CDs to MP3 for their smaller file size. He claims it is FULL-RES. Looks like H.264 might be a butt-kicker. (Now I sit and wait for the "shuffle with a screen" comments.) [via]

16 June 2005

[DIY] eyePod shuffle

wmacphail posted this image to flickr:
I love the design of the iPod Shuffle. That said, it's a bit of a pain moving the slider on the back into position. It needs some kind of grip, or raised surface. I explained this problem to my wife, who came up with a brilliant solution, on view above. It's so great to have an inventive spouse with a bag of doll eyes.

[via podthis]

[HAK] iPod Shuffle + Cassette Adapter: Take 3

Hackinator Ian sent in a link to some pics and 'structs on his iPod shuffle + Cassette Adapter project. He writes:
it didn't come out quite as nice, but its also not quite done.
I need to mess with it some more to see how much farther down in the tape I can get it without it rubbing against the posts in the tape deck, ya know? I already killed one of the tape players on my stereo (luckily it has two) by putting too much pressure on it and keeping it from rotating while it was playing.

More after the jump. Link (.mac)

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[FUN] shuffleband...who says the 80's are dead!

Faithful reader Dorian Jones brings us the latest in shufflewear.
I just came across your blog and it has inspired me to put together my own shufflehack. It seems to me that more support is needed when undertaking vigourous exercise wearing the ipod shuffle so i have integrated it with a classic piece of exercise-wear. As well as being totally sensible and funtional I think it also looks wicked. What do you think?

Flickr photo page

[IMG] "First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes..."

pinkbelt posted a quaint fotonovella featuring Papa 1st Gen, Momma mini and baby shuffle. Gotta love the "shuffle" tag on flickr.

Check out the photos.

Also join the shufflehacks flickr group and add your own hacktastic pics.

09 June 2005

[$$$] New 512MB iPod shuffles from TechRestore for $84.99

image by hot_tea

I love TechRestore and I just got their email newsletter and thougth I'd pass this deal along to all my shufflehackers out there looking to score a second or third shuffle for hacking purposes.

Limited time!! iPod Shuffle - 512MB Normally $89.99, take $5 off when you use coupon code "PIGS" with your order.

[via TechRestore]

01 June 2005

[HAK] Star Trek "Shufflecraft" from XMas Ornament

Shufflecraft an Enterprise
Originally uploaded by Tuesdays With Maury.

tuesdays-with-maury wrote:
Shufflecraft an Enterprise. I received an Apple Shuffle a couple of days ago as a gift. Inspired by Jim Younkin of shufflehacks.blogspot.com , I came up with this shufflecraft. I used a 1992 Hallmark Shuttlecraft Galileo Christmas Ornament. You can find them for less than $10.00 on eBay.