18 May 2005

[DIY] Make an iPod shuffle clip for 8 cents.

Matt Parker sent in a link to his page on how to make a shuffle clip for 8 cents.
I thought someone might me interested in my hack to make a clip for the iPod Shuffle. It could not be any simpler and it only costs $.79 for enough material to make 10. I only spent about 20 minutes fabricating it, why spend $20.

To build it I cut the lanyard from the supplied cap. Then I went Home Depot and bought 1 foot of white chain that is used for hanging lights from the ceiling. Then, on one link, I cut a piece from each side of the joint to make the opening big enough to fit around the cap. After this, it was just a matter using a rag to protect the finish while tightening the chain link into the holes. It looks pretty good, in my opinion. I noticed the white finish started to peel at the bends but it's not too bad.
It is still compatible with any case that supports the lanyard cap. Now I can use a carabiner, any other type of clip or my own lanyard, just like this image.

On the next version I plan to add some kind of swivel or a ring so that I can rotate the carabiner.

Can't wait until these show up on eBay for $5. 6200% profit sounds good!
[link via mattparker]


Mr. Kaminski said...

I used Matt's directions and created my modification to my lanyard cap in less than 5 minutes. Thanks for the great idea!!!!

Anonymous said...

here is another cool IPod Shuffle Cap Hack.... the Darth Vader USB Cap... very cool:

Joe Goldberg said...

My local hardware store only sells metal links, and those look plastic. Anyone know where to get some of those online? Or does anyone have a few extras they can send me (I'll pay you for materials/postage/etc). Thanks!


Anonymous said...

these could make profit, notice the similarities: http://www.everythingipod.com/product222.tpl?command=search&db=dbs/products.db&eqSTORE1datarq=IPOD&cart=GOI112475356510435596&eqPRONAMEdatarq=XtremeMac%20SuperHook%20for%20iPod%20Shuffle&searchSKU=w001-3376&eqAVAILdatarq=YES&max=1