26 June 2005

shufflehacks DIY Marketplace Now Open

original image by Peter Kaminski

While I was going over my blogger template for shufflehacks I was rearranging my google ads, my TechRestore ads, and my Apple & iTunes ads and I realized that what we really needed was a spot for fellow shufflehackers to be able to advertise their own DIY shuffle products. I decided to dedicate some space right at the top of shufflehacks specifically for this need. I am calling it "shufflehacks DIY Marketplace" but all it really is is a space for people's links who are making a go of selling things they make on their own for the iPod shuffle. This isn't like some sort of "pay-for-links/ads" thing. The links there are free to those who I feel deserve the extra publicity. If you feel like your DIY iPod shuffle product fits this category please use the submission links provided in the Marketplace. The other advantage I see to these over something like Google AdSense is that these will 'fly under' the radar of those ad-blockers I know you all are smart enough to use. (I use PithHelmet for Safari and NetNewsWire Lite myself.)

So get to it and let's build a nice economical ecosystem for those brave enough to put out a DIY shuffle products.



Alex said...


wahit said...

Whay about my Royal iPod Shuffle Dock? :/ :(



Jim Younkin said...

Sure I'll put up your Royal dock if your making them and selling them. ;)

Jocelyn Vilter said...

Thanks Jim!

Anonymous said...

How do I add my hack to your site ?

Anyway, here is my site with description, thanks !