14 April 2005

[DIY] iPod shuffle "Cozy" from Gum Packaging


A member of our iPod_shuffle Yahoo! group sent in a link to these instructions on how to build an iPod case from gum packaging they found in a post on craftster. In addition to making yout shuffle a bit incognito I suppose you get the added advantage of having your shuffle smell like bubble gum (mmmm), or mint, or (insert your favorite gum here).

Reminds me of our post on shuffle decals that simulate gum packages.

The person who sent in the link stated that they didn't want to call it a "cozy" because it made them think of kleenex holders and stuff that your grandma undoubtedly has. Personally I am waiting for someone to make a proper iPod shuffle cozy out of yarn and using the needles and such.. what is that called? Knitting? I'm not sure. If you can whip one up please send me a link!

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