22 April 2005

[WIN] Shufflehacks Photoshop Contest: Win a 1 Year Flickr Pro Account

shufflehacks photoshop contest

Announcing the "iPod shuffle and the Hacks of Tomorrow!" photoshop contest. Win a free 1 year flickr pro account.

Shufflehacks is proud to announce our first ever contest. What we want from you, our dear little hacksters, is what you might call a "virtual hack". We want you to photoshop the most extreme, craziest, weirdest, coolest, most unexpected, over-the-top, sweetest shufflehacks you can dream up. Dust off your thinking caps and run around in make-believe land for a while. After creating your masterpieces send them into us by April 30, 2005 and we will pick a winner. The winner gets their image on shuffle hacks and all entries will go into a flickr set for all to enjoy.

Mrs. Shufflehack and I will be judging mostly on creativity and freshesh. Photoshop skills are a plus but imagination counts much more.

What's in it for you you might ask? The winner will receive a free 1 year Pro account on flickr (a 24.95 value). What's flickr? In case you've been hiding under a rock for the last year or so flickr happens to be shufflehacks favorite photo service and what we use for many of our images on the blog.

-Entries must be 800 x 600 pixels or smaller in dimension. All entries must be in .jpg or .gif format.
-Email all entries to younkin3@yahoo.com with the subject line "flickr photoshop contest". One image per email although you may enter as many times as your wish.
-Include at least your name and email address in the email if you want to be considered for the prize. You may include other information such as home town etc. if you'd like.
-Include a title for the hack and any explanation you would like.
-Please keep your entries appropriate for all audiences as shufflehacks is a family friendly blog. All inappropriate entries will disqualify the submitter and entitle them to a big 'ol serving of bad karma.
-All entries must be submitted by 11:59PM (PST) April 30, 2005. Late entries will not be considered for the prize.
-The entries will be judged and winners announced the week following the close of the contest.
-Unless specifically requested otherwise by the submitter all entries will be posted on flickr with a share alike, non-commercial, attribution Creative Commons license.

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