16 November 2005

Aluminum shuffle Case from Cardholder

Giles sent in his wicked aluminum shuffle case mod. He wrote:

It was constructed useing a business-card holder and the packing material used in tool cases (which acts *very* nicely to hold my shuffle - named Sadako - in place, it must be said). The case is aluminium, and the hole for the earphone jack was very easy to drill neatly. I'm very happy with how this one turned out. There's no burrs present on either side of the hole at all.

Due to the small size of the case, theres no real room to store the earphones when not in use, but this is no real trouble. It's very nice to see the "oohs" and "aahs" it gets when I pull it out of my pocket, and the catch makes a very secure/reassuring "click" when it closes. These are payoff enough for the loss of storage space.

The only other thing of note to mention was that I made a mistake when constructing it, and drilled the hole and cut the foam such that I actually created a "left-handed" tin accidentally. Of course, it makes no real difference, and its posed no problem, but it just took me by surprise when I realised. Maybe a little more planning would have been useful ;o)

Bravo Giles. I truly worthy shufflehack.

[link to flickr photo set]

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Anonymous said...

looks like a muji business card case