03 April 2005

[BUZ] iPod shuffle best sounding mp3 player of all time?

[photo by jimyounkin]

Bill Machrone wrote a fantastic article over on pcmag that claims that the iPod shuffle is not only the best sounding iPod but also the best sounding audio player out there! He does some pretty convincing audio testing to prove his point. Also be sure to check out his companion article which pours over all the nitty-gritty test details. I have to say I was a little surprised. I knew the shuffle was inexpensive and very portable but the best sounding? Bonus! This should make our loseless guy pretty happy!

[link: pcmag]


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酥餅 said...

I have a question. If I have a wmv file, is there anyway to covert its soundtrack so that I can play it on the ipod shuffle?