25 March 2005

[$$$] PodShirt (AKA a shirt with a magnet on it)

PodShirt is selling these shirts with magnet thingies to hold the shuffle onto the shirt. I'm still not sure what to think of the shirt itself (I think it's kind of ugly). The magnet attachment thingie on the other hand is pretty cool. They say you can remove the magnet to wash it. I'm guessing you could use it on any other cloth-like thing.They say it's "patent pending" which is cool and all. After I saw their first "limited edition" shirt (which I thought had a bit better design) I experimented a bit and almost got mine to stick to my shirt with magnets. Of course I was using the magnets I ripped off some magnetic clips I bought from the dollar store but when hacking you use what you got. I need some stronger magnets to make it work perhaps some magnets like the kind I used to rip out of old speakers I would tear apart. Those things were cool! Remember when you'd put them by the TV and make is permenantly green on one corner? Those were the days. So anyways. I think they've figured out a cool attachment mechanism that I expect all you shufflehackers out there to start using! The shirts (which aren't limited edition so too bad for all you 1337 fashion types) will set you back $28.99 (ouch).


eric said...

magnets + digital = okay?

Anonymous said...

magnet+flash(memory)= okay
Magnet+hard drive= bad,bad!

Anonymous said...

...Impossible for girls. We have things that would get in the way. ^^;;