25 March 2005

[$$$] FM shuffle transmitter from Xtrememac

It was only a matter of time before one of these showed up. XtremeMac (the X makes it Xtra Xtreme, sorta like the X-Games, oh so 90's-ish) is taking what looks like pre-orders for this but at $49 I'm not sure it's the best price. Especially when an iTrip can be had for as little as $30. I'd maybe pay $20 at the most. I am exicted about the hackability of something like this though. One very interesing part is that this plugs into the USB port of the shuffle and gets it's sound from those extra pins on the shuffle. I'll give a hundred doll-hairs to the reader who send me info on how to this works. If any shufflehacks readers gets one of these be sure to send us a review! I'm issuing a challenge to all shufflehack readers to figure out a way to us an iTrip with a shuffle.

UPDATE: I actually RTFA and the thing uses a car cigarette lighter adapter for power *lame*. Not as cool as I thought at first.

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Anonymous said...

I am currently testing the pins, but I am hopeful - the fact that the transmitter is so small means i probably wont need to make a complicaterd circuit. My main problem is finding a way of connecting to the pins - anybody got any good ideas?