27 March 2005

[DIY] Hide a shuffle in a magazine

Jaron Kenny hacked a shuffle into a big-ole fat EGM magazine to allow for some incognito work/school shuffling. Although I'm not quite sure of the practical usefulness of this hack I'm not one talk. I half-seriously considered hacking a Nintendo DS into a Bible to play in church. Check out his write up which includes pics and instructions. Perhaps he'll grace us with a version 2.0. How 'bout it Jaron?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hack a Nintendo DS into a bible to play in church? Why waste your time going to church at all? It's just a stupid waste of time, and clearly you don't want to hear the BS that the brainwasher, er, preacher is spewing anyhow (and I don't blame you one bit).