28 March 2005

[ART] Huge shuffle art archive online. Uploads encouraged!

This shuffle art of with the little Katamari prince pushing the shuffle click wheel came from the Shuffle Art Archive (S.A.A.) which I was very delighted to stumble across early this morning. The site appears to be based in Japan however site uses multiple languages which is really cool. The S.A.A. has tons of images created specifically for printing and sticking on your iPod Shuffle. There is also an uploader that allows you to upload your own shuffle art for others to see and use. They also provide a template to aid in your shuffle art creation. There are sections for cases, illustrations, patterns, and much much more. Needless to say I was a bit humbled at all the work people have put into creating these images for the shuffle. Spend a few mintues on the site and you'll see what I mean. It makes this blog look like chopped liver. I think we should definitely contribute!

Below are a few examples that really caught my eye.

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Anonymous said...


What sorts of labels does one use for the artwerks? I was unable to find it on the shuffleart site (nor anywhere else on the 'net).