05 November 2006

2nd Gen iPod shuffle Phones

2nd Gen Shufflephones
Alexander Micek decided to create his own version of the shufflephones using a 2nd generation shuffle.

I used my trusty Sennheiser HD 212 Pros, which as you may have noticed from the specs, have an unusually long cord. 10 feet, to be precise. I had to wrap ten feet of cord (should I say it again?) to make this work … ideally, I’ll be able to source a shorter y-cable. That said, the “startlingly bassy” HD212’s silver color matches the iPod’s anodized aluminum quite well, and the clip holds the iPod on with reasonable security. This wouldn’t be good for exercise, but it’s quite usable for studying and similar activities.

link (tumbledry.org)

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Ryan said...

Holy crap I was thinking of getting a shuffle for this exact same reason, and I have the lower end sennheiser headphones to boot! shuffle FTW!