06 November 2006

2nd Gen iPod shuffle Phones v2.0 (Quick and Dirty Edition)

That was fast. Just yesterday we brought you 2nd Gen iPod shuffle Phones and today we're up to version 2.0 which was sent in by reader Douglass Scott. He made an adjustment to alow the shuffle to fit on larger headphones but I'll let him talk.
Saw Alexander Micek's 2G shuffle hack and thought I would try my own. The shuffle won't clip directly onto my Sony noise canceling headphones (MDR-NC50), so I needed to create a bracket to do the job. The end product works okay; the iPod is a little loose on the bracket, but it's good enough for long flights. This was a quick and dirty job, but my local hardware store has some thin stainless steel bands that might clean this hack up. Enjoy, DS

Great job Douglass and I'm anxious for your next hack!

link (flickr)

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酥餅 said...

Many people claim the original ipod sounds much better than the 2G. What you think? Thanks.