09 January 2007

Shuffledock: Made in Croatia!


Shufflehacks continues its trek around the world. Reader Aleksandar sent his shuffledock mod all the way from Croatia.

Hi, I am Aleksandar Plavsic from Croatia, I googled for shuffle hacks and came to your blog, so I decided to make my own shuffle dock. I was inspired by Royal Baking Soda portuguese iPod dock. I used some old Nescaffe can, put some self-adhesive black glossy wallpaper on it, and that Apple sticker which was bundled with my shuffle :) This is 1.0 version, in 2.0 I plan to put some foam in it and make travel case of it, so it could be multi purpose dock :)) Sorry on my english :))

Keep up the great work Aleksandar and I can't wait for version 2.0!


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You sound to be very creative and crazily successful at it.The Ipod shuffle rocks...the coolest gadget of the era.

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interesting ipod projects you have made! Cool blog!

Xbox 360 accessories said...

I think this is cool.With times passing by there are more and more ideas fr the IPod dock and most of them are innovative and cool.